IV is a consolidated group of service companies engaged in real estate management. In particular, our Valuation Company Approved by the Bank of Spain is a force for innovation in the valuation sector and stands out from its competitors for its technical expertise and specialisation in the valuation of more complex assets. Instituto de Valoraciones works for major financial institutions and is also relied upon by Spain’s most important listed property developers. 

The group also has other companies, such as IV Servicios técnicos which offers services that support the integral management of real estate assets throughout Spain and specialises in the management of extensive real estate portfolios. IV Servicios Técnicos has carried out management projects for the Social Housing Fund, for financial institutions’ areas of real estate and foreclosed assets, and for investment funds, advising them on the condition of property portfolios.

An innovate company

IV strives for innovation, working with the best technology and technology partners.

An independent company

The company is completely independent from any financial institution or government body.

National and international coverage

We have a country-wide network that allows us to offer services throughout Spain and in many other countries in Europe and Latin America.

Personalised client care

Because our clients are our company's best asset.

Approved company

Company approved by the Bank of Spain and enrolled on the Official Register of Valuation Companies as no. 4498.

IV is certified by AENOR

The company has been ISO 9001 certified by AENOR from the beginning. We work constantly to improve our quality processes.

Management team

IV has an excellent management team made up of professionals with more than 10 years experience in real estate management positions.

Member of AEAV

Made up of Spain's major valuation companies, accounting for 75% of the sector's income.