We work for all kinds of companies in the real estate sector including developers, builders, consultants, real estate advisers, holding companies and real estate investment trusts. We mostly carry out appraisals for mortgages or refinancing, as well as valuations for the purpose of accounting statements and auditing.


We carry out valuations of all kinds of industrial and logistical plants, hangars, machinery and transport fleets for the sector's major companies. We have a great deal of experience with complex valuations of large logistical platforms and industrial sites.


Major insurance companies entrust us with the valuation of their real estate for technical provisions coverage. We also provide them with other technical services such as energy efficiency certification or real estate servicing.


Our main client base is comprised of financial institutions. We mainly carry our appraisals of real estate for the purpose of mortgage guarantees for the risks departments of financial institutions. We also offer services to other departments, such as pricing reports for foreclosed properties, development feasibility studies, market research and reports in general that allow them to monitor and manage their real estate portfolios more efficiently.


Other sectors such as the hospitality industry also require our advisory services for investment, disinvestment processes or those involving the leasing of premises for business. We carry out valuations of premises, property rental studies and feasibility studies in designated locations. We are specialists in the valuation of large hotel complexes, shopping centres, administrative concessions, etc.


We often work for government bodies to provide property valuation reports and other types of services such as feasibility studies, real estate and town planning advisory services and other reports aimed at improving the management of their services.


We are specialists in the valuation of real estate linked to business activities, in particular such as hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and retirement homes. We have extensive experience in the valuation of retirement homes, having worked with the sector's major companies on the valuation of their real estate portfolios.


Thanks to our nationwide coverage in Spain and our quick turnaround of work, we are able to advise the leading companies in the consultancy market. We are the field team of the major consultancy companies. We also work for Spain's largest auditors, valuing the assets of the most important listed real estate companies.