IV carries out project monitoring for major financial institutions, allowing them to monitor loans made to property developers, starting with the preliminary analysis for their authorisation by carrying out a feasibility study of the development project:

  • Report on the initial condition of the Project, covering the first visit and the compilation of all necessary documentation.
  • Technical analysis of the project, licences and implementing legislation.
  • Analysis of the situation of matters concerning insurance, the performance of contracts and payments to suppliers.
  • Analysis of complaints, possible lawsuits, repossessions and other judicial procedures.
  • Study and verification of the budget for the development and proposal of a new budget.
  • Study of the proposed project schedule.
  • Production of a report on the feasibility of the development.And monitoring from the authorisation of the loan until the completion of the construction of the last dwelling, a task that consists of the following phases:
  1. Periodic visits to analyse the progress of the work and compliance with the schedule and budget.
  2. Periodic attendance of site meetings.
  3. Review of construction project minutes, certification and payments to suppliers.
  4. Monthly reports on the total progress of the work.